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  • RESULTS – All students have now been issued with their results.
  • ENQUIRIES ABOUT RESULTS - If you genuinely feel that your grade is lower than you were expecting and that you had revised properly, submitted good controlled assessment work, where applicable, and worked well in the written exams, then it is possible to put a request in to the exam board to ask them to conduct a review of your written paper.  Exam boards do not re-mark papers they review them to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly.  Exam boards do charge for this service and for 2017 the fees are from £35.90 to £45.60 per paper.  An enquiry can only be submitted to the exam board upon receipt of payment and also a signed consent form.  The exam board deadline is fast approaching, if you are thinking about having a review then you must contact Mrs Everitt as a matter of urgency.  To guarantee an enquiry is submitted on time a signed consent form and full payment must be received by Mrs Everitt by Monday 18 September 2017– (The final exam board deadline is Thursday 21 September 2017).  Mrs Everitt, Exams Officer, can be contacted by e-mail – or by telephone --01353 724111.
  • COURSEWORK/CERTIFICATES – Please see the bottom of this page for information.

Exam Guides & Other Information for Parents/Carers & Students
Information to be updated shortly

GCSE Examination Booklet Year 11 (Class of 2017)
GCSE Examination Booklet for Non Year 11 Students
Internal Exam Leaflet
Exam Survival Guide
Collection of GCSE Results 2017
Mind Booklet – How to Manage Stress

Examination Timetables
Year 10 & Year 11 September 2017 Exams

Information for Candidates
Information to be updated shortly

JCQ Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessments
JCQ Information for Candidates - Coursework
JCQ Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments
JCQ Information for Candidates - On-Screen Tests
JCQ Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice
JCQ Information for Candidates - Social Media
JCQ Information for Candidates - Written Exams
JCQ No Mobile Phone Poster
JCQ Warning to Candidates Poster

Policy on Internal Assessments for External Qualifications (2016-2017)
Enquiries About Results, Access to Scripts, Appeals (2016-2017)

GCSE Certificates from Summer 2017
GCSE Certificates will be available from Monday 20 November 2017.  Class of 2017 may collect their certificates from reception between 8.00am and 4.00pm.  Anyone may collect on a student’s behalf as long as they have a letter of authorisation from the student.  Please make every effort to collect exam certificates and look after them carefully, they are often required when applying for university places or future employment.  Exam certificates are held in the centre for one year, after that time they may be destroyed.  Please be aware that replacements from exam boards are expensive.

Coursework Collection from Summer 2017
Written and practical coursework is not routinely returned to students.  If students require their coursework then they should contact the school reception and state which coursework is required and make suitable arrangements to collect it.  Please note that all coursework which remains uncollected by the end of the autumn term, will be disposed of.