Soham Village College

Textiles - Year 9

Duration: Two lessons per week for half a term.

Students undertake a project based around ‘soft sculpture’. They are introduced to the work of several textile designers who use media of ‘soft sculpture’. Students then research images of food from a category of their choice e.g. cakes, sweets, fruit, vegetables, Fast Food, English breakfast, food packaging. They model their chosen food from paper (and possibly calico) before finalising their chosen idea. Students produce a Manufacturing Specification detailing front, back and side views of their product together with a lists of materials (fabrics and components) and decorative and construction techniques. Students prepare a brief ‘Action Plan’ outlining proposed order of work before assembling and embellishing their product. It is anticipated, most students create a lifesize version of their food using a variety of different decorative and construction techniques.

In addition to the main project, students are also introduced to the work of a number of different designers who achieved successful careers in the textile industry   - fashion, accessories, furnishings, film and theatre costume.

Students are assessed on their design and practical work and sit an end of module test.