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Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance forms an integral part of student life at Soham Village College. Individual support is always available from Tutors, Year Heads and Student Services. Information, advice and guidance can be accessed from Mr Oakhill in the Library at lunch times and after school, no appointment is necessary but if a student would like a longer discussion this can be arranged. Students can also gain information from the Careers Library. Careers programmes are also available on all the school's networked computers – these can range from job information searches to accessing Kudos, a computerised questionnaire to help students to identify possible careers paths. 

Information, advice and guidance is given to students as they progress through Soham Village College, especially at times when important decisions have to be made during Year 9 when GCSE options are decided and Year 10 and 11 when Post 16 options are decided. Post 16 advice is included in the Personal Development Programme which forms part of the curriculum of all students. Students are also given up to date information to support Further Education College and Sixth Form choice.

Useful Websites

Upcoming Local Careers Events

KS3 & KS4 PSHE Drop Down Days

Post-16 Choices

Post-16 Centres

Post-16 Bursaries & Funding

Targeted Independent Advice

Work Experience 


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Upcoming Local Careers Events

Post-16 Choices

Useful Websites

 Post 16 Centres

With the new government initiative, Raising of the Participation Age, whereby students have to stay in education or training until they are 18, all students are required to apply to Further Education Colleges, to Sixth Forms or for apprenticeships. Full and part-time courses are available at:

To find out more information about apprenticeships, please visit: National Apprenticeship Service

PSHE Drop Down Days

In Year 10 students participate in a Work Related Learning Day in the summer term. They come to school dressed for an interview and work through a programme of events during the day. They write a CV and letter of application for a job, as well as attending a practice interview with a visiting employer. 

Targeted Independent Advice

Soham Village College employs a level 6 qualified, part-time Careers Guidance Advisor. She has meetings with students to discuss their college choices and future plans. We also have limited access to a senior participation worker from Cambridgeshire County Council Student Support Service. Students with specific needs will be forwarded by Mr Oakhill or their Head of Year if they require specialist advice and guidance.

Work Experience

Students taking the Foundation Learning Tier or BTEC Health & Social Care will be required as part of their course to carry out work experience. This will be one or two weeks in length and organised by Mr Oakhill and their subject teacher.

If any other student wishes to arrange an independent work placement they can organise this for the school holidays. Please note that most Post-16 Study Programmes now include an element of work experience, so it is not essential for every one of our students to take part in a placement. 

Post 16 Bursaries and Funding

16-19 Bursary Fund

Students may be eligible for this bursary when they leave SVC and go onto College or Sixth Form.

Please visit for more information

Soham Moor Old Grammar School Fund

This Charity utilises monies raised from rents from their land to assist young people in Soham in their education. Where possible, the Charity makes donations to each of the four Soham Schools annually. The monies are to be utilised for the benefit of disadvantaged children in their education. Furthermore college and university students may apply to the charity by the 1st September in any year for a grant towards the cost of books or other materials. Where a grant is awarded costs are reimbursed. A form to apply for a student grant may be downloaded from the website at

For more details contact the clerk: Jennifer Millard on Tel: 01353 654919 or alternatively E-Mail:

Bishop Laney Charity

Bishop Laney's Charity

Charity Registration No. 311306
41 St. Mary's Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4HF

Bishop Laney died on 24th January 1674, bequesting his estate into a charitable trust. The present day income from this trust must be applied in fulfilling the following objects:-

In providing financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to enable beneficiaries on leaving school, university or other educational establishment to prepare for or assist their entry into a profession, trade or calling. In awarding exhibitions or grants tenable to any secondary school, college, education, university or other institution of further (including professional and technical) education. In otherwise promoting the education (including social and physical training) of beneficiaries."Beneficiaries", means persons under the age of 25 years, who are resident in the parishes of Ely, Soham or their neighbouring villages within the county of Cambridgeshire.

A typical grant for University would be £250 in the first year and £150 in subsequent years though this may be varied depending on the specific course and its needs. Those people entering an apprenticeship as perhaps a hairdresser, electrician, carpenter or plumber will be eligible for £600 over the period of their apprenticeship. All decisions on payment of grants are made by the six trustees, collectively, who meet approximately four times a year.

If you feel you may be eligible either Telephone: 01353 662595 and ask for Richard or Barbara and you will be sent an application form. Alternatively you can download an application form from: