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We have adopted an online system for assessing students; monitoring their attendance, behaviour and performance; and sharing their progress information. This system, called Go4Schools, will enable parents and students to access daily attendance information, review the latest published subject assessments and to receive our formal written reports.

Quick-Start Guide
How to Log on
Progress & Targets
Subject Assessments
Behaviour & Attendance
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Quick-Start Guide

Go4Schools is our online system for tracking students’ progress and sharing their assessment information. In Go4Schools you can see the grades/levels achieved in subject assessments and view how students are performing compared to their targets.  The system also displays other useful information, such as attendance figures and the timetable.  We will publish students’ formal reports through Go4Schools.


How to log in

Click on and select either the 'Parent' or 'Student' login icon at the top right hand side of the website as appropriate.

When logging in for the first time you should enter your e-mail address in the box under “First Time User” and generate as password.

Go 4 Schools - Login

Note: Go4Schools is a secure system and to access it you must use the e-mail address we have recorded on our system.  If you haven’t registered your e-mail address with us you won’t be able to log on and access your child’s page until this is rectified.  To register a new address, or if you experience problems logging in, please contact Mrs Arnold,

Once a password has been generated you can log in. Your password can be changed to something more memorable by clicking on the “my settings” tab in the green bar at the top.


Progress & Targets

Go4Schools tracks the current performance of a student and compares it to their end of year target GCSE grade.  This target is an estimate of likely performance and is not a prediction or forecast.  It represents the standard we might expect a “similar” student with the same KS2 (Year 6) scores to reach in the best 20% of schools.  We encourage all students to try to exceed these estimates. Because the targets represent the GCSE standard we want students to reach or exceed by the end of the year it is to be expected that they will be below that standard initially. As the year progresses we expect students to move closer to their target.

The progress against target is show in a chart:

Go 4 Schools - Progress & Targets

In this example, the Year 7 student is clearly excelling in Music and currently below target in English. At the start of the year we might expect a student to be slightly below their end of year target; this is indicated by the yellow progress bars above.

A Guide to Grades and Targets – Notes from the Parent Information Evenings


Subject Assessments

Go4Schools enables you to track the grades achieved in each module and assessment in addition to the overall grade the student is currently working at.

Go 4 Schools - Subject Assessments

The “current” column gives the current standard of a student’s work in the subject, based on all completed assessments to date.  This grade becomes more reliable as more assessments are completed and should be treated with a little caution at the start of the year. The current grade column is colour coded based on how the current grade compares to the student’s “target” grade in the same way as shown in the bar chart above.  In this case the student is exceeding their target by a significant margin and so the current grade is coloured purple.  Where students are consistently exceeding their original challenging targets we will issue a higher target in the “aspirational” grade column. This is a mark of real success as it shows that a student is among the top few percent of their peers with the same prior ability; they are making superb progress and should be very proud of their achievement.

Reformed GCSEs: grades 9-1.

In September 2015 Year 10 students started new GCSEs in English and Maths which are no longer graded A*-G but are graded 9-1. In September 2016 the new GCSEs were introduced in almost all other subjects.  The remaining few “legacy” GCSEs will also be replaced.

The new GCSEs are designed to be more challenging and the grading structure reflects this, with more grades reflecting the top end of ability. How the new grades compare to the old A*-G grades is broadly as shown:



Our formal reports can be found in the “Progress and Reports” section. Click on “view reports” to download a report.  This section also displays the student’s current level/grade at the point when the reports were published- this gives a good indication of the progress made over time.  

Behaviour & Attendance

We use Go4Schools to award students positive and negative behaviour points according to their conduct, participation and the extent to which they display our school PRIDE values of positivity, responsibility, integrity, drive and empathy. The points inform our rewards and sanctions and also feed into House competitions and celebrations.  These points are a great way of keeping abreast of how your child is getting on at SVC and can often be a very useful “way in” to a productive conversation about your child’s day at school.

This student is clearly working very hard, participating well and displaying the PRIDE values; they deserve congratulation and recognition for their efforts. Their few negative behaviour points offer the chance for school and home to work together in supporting the child to make better decisions next time:


Go4schools displays the student’s attendance to date, up to the day before:


Homework is recorded by teachers using Go4Schools to enable teachers and parents to work more closely. Students will continue to record homework in their planners in order to ensure they still carry the overall responsibility for completing it and getting it in on time. A student profile on Go4Schools will have a homework section (see below).

You can go into this to get full details about all the tasks set, including on-going ones with deadlines that are further in the future.

Student receive behaviour points depending on whether they have completed homework or not (+1 or -1). They can be awarded additional points for a particular piece at the discretion of the teacher.

Other Useful Information

Go4Schools presents the student’s timetable and qualifications achieved in previous years.