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GCSE Music (Legacy)

GCSE Music

Class of 2017 Only

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Exam Board Qualification Specification Coursework
OCR Exam Board - GCSE Music (J535) GCSE Music J535 60%

Why Study Music?

Music is all around us. It influences our moods and emotions and stimulates and excites us in many ways. Following this GCSE Music course will develop your understanding of how music is created through four Areas of Study.  These provide focus and detail of specific areas of music. In the course you will learn how to compose and develop skills in performing and appraising music. .

If you can play any instrument, sing or are eager to learn then the GCSE Music course might be right for you.  All instruments that we teach in school, including percussion, guitar, keyboard and voice are accepted for GCSE.  You do not have to have any music grades to take music but must show willingness to learn and perform in front of others.

You will be required to record all your performances and compositions on to CD/Digital Recording.  We are fortunate in possessing the latest recording equipment and music computer software.  You may compose and perform on any instrument and in any style.  An ability to read musical notation will help your progression throughout the course, but this is not essential.

GCSE music is an interesting course in its own right or may lead to further study at AS/A level and beyond.

What you will study:

GCSE music gives students the opportunity to develop their performances and composition skills.  We study a range of music to develop an awareness of music through time and the different styles of music.  These include:

  • Traditions and Innovation, focusing on Salsa, Minimalism and Bhangra
  • Dance Music, focusing on Disco from the 1970s and 1980s, the Romantic Waltz, the Tango, American Line Dancing and even Club Dance
  • How to compose melodies
  • How to compose for, and perform on, your chosen instrument

You will learn the following skills:

  • Composing
  • Performing
  • Appraising

All of these skills are interrelated and will be assessed


To include tiers of entry, module dates and percentages, controlled assessment dates and percentages.

The course is made up of four units, two of which offer Controlled Assessment (by your teacher) and two of which are externally assessed.

Other Information

For further information please see the Head of Music, Mrs Perry.  Classes are mixed ability.

There are a variety of trips throughout the year linking with the work we do in class and extra-curricular activities.  These include rehearsals for the Carol Concert and Young Musician of the Year.  Students are also given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Kings Carol Service.  There are often further opportunities to work with specialist visiting musicians.