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Exam Board Qualification Specification
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The course is single tier which is broken down into 2 units:

Component 1: 1hr 45 min Exam (1DT0/1B – Papers and boards) - 50%

Component 2: Controlled Assessment (1DT0/02) - 50%

 The table below is a breakdown of the units studied at GCSE and the format of the assessments.


 Year 10

Year 11



Preparation for Component 1:

Papers and boards specific theory taught through a range of practical sessions, theory lessons and mini-projects, including:

  • Physical and working properties of materials:
    • o Papers
    • o Boards
    • o Laminates
  • Tools and processes
  • Computer-aided design and manufacture
  • Finishes, adhesives and fixings
  • Forces and stresses
  • Techniques for production in quantity
  • Cultural and Environmental issues when designing and manufacturing board-based products

Progress monitored using a range of assessments, including:

  • mini-tests
  • practice exam questions
  • extended written tasks
  • practical assessments
  • mini-projects

Component 2

Controlled assessment project that involves the design and manufacture of a product that relates to a design context specified by the examboard

50% of final grade
Section 2 – Design
(42 Marks)
Mock GCSE Exam –1hr 45min
Spring    Section 3 – Make
(36 Marks)
Section 4 – Evaluate
(6 Marks)
Summer    Section B Mock Exam – 1hr

Component 1

Exam Section A (Core) & Section B (Papers and boards) revision

50% of final grade
1 June – Start of Component 2 Section 1 – Investigate
(16 Marks)
  Component 1:
Final GCSE Exam – 1hr 45min