Soham Village College

GCSE Food Technology (Legacy)

GCSE D&T Food Technology

Class of 2017 Only

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
AQA Exam Board - GCSE D&T Food Technology (4545) GCSE D&T Food Technology 4545

When you choose to study Food Technology at GCSE you will be taught; how to design and develop food products that meet the needs of clients and manufacturers and practical food skills that will enable you to make good quality products.  Emphasis is given to individual nutritional requirements and producing products accurately, efficiently and safely. Skills and knowledge are taught through practical, experimental and research tasks.  An ability to plan ahead, demonstrate good organisational skills and an enjoyment of working with food ingredients will enable you to achieve your potential. 

It is essential that you are prepared to take part in practical work at least once a week.  The content and skills taught through this course will be relevant to a range of careers, for example: sports nutritionist, dietician, food scientist, catering and hospitality and social care. Furthermore the practical element of the course will provide the fundamental building blocks for budgeting and the ability to create food products that will contribute to a healthy life style – essential life skills.


The course contains both written external assessed exams and internal assessed written controlled assessments. For each unit you will receive a grade from A* to G and then an overall grade for the whole course, which will be from A* to G.

Written Paper 40%

  • The functional properties of food
  • The nutritional properties of food
  • Eeffects of combining different ingredients
  • Importance of appropriate proportions on the structure, shape and volume of mixtures
  • Effects of acids and alkalis
  • Standard components
  • Process and manufacture
  • Storage of food and food products
  • Manufacture/large scale production
  • Technological developments

Design & Make (Controlled Assessment) 60%

You will be asked to select a design brief and develop a product using the design process. Marks are awarded under the following headings:

  • Investigating the design opportunity
  • Development of design proposals
  • Making (demonstration of a wide range of practical skills)
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Communication skills, (clear and coherent use of language, including the use of technical language, punctuation, grammar and spelling)